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Our food: seasonally inspired, farm-focused, customized for your team's needs & desires. Enthusiastic about supporting all dietary requirements, making it all lovely, & making it all from scratch. We're passionate about what we do, & we hear it shows.

Headcount range: 10-35. We can go lower or higher in some circumstances, so feel free to ask, but this is our sweet spot. [Looking for large-scale (75-400 headcount) catering? We can do that, but only in a family-style or buffet format. Please keep us in mind for post-pandemic needs that align with this style!]

COVID-friendly packaging: of course! For set/shoot deliveries, meals are packed individually with labels including both the recipient's name & the menu information. For home/picnic/dinner party deliveries, let's talk about how to best safely meet your event needs. 

Delivery: we can do that! Our catering van, Jolene, has hot boxes & coolers & is ready to bring you all the goodies. She can even transport a freezer should you be interested in booking an ice cream event!

Extras: need coffee setup? Desserts? A tablecloth 'cause you like things pretty? We've got you! Just let us know what you need & we'll work it out. 

Booking: we don't double-book clients, & do tend to book up a couple weeks in advance. Please be advised that very last-minute bookings, if we're able to accept them, may be at slightly higher rates. When we ask our staff to work unexpected, additional hours, we compensate them accordingly. 

Our menus change every few weeks, based on what's growing. For sample menus & quotes, please be in touch!

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