This is a hard, exciting note to write, y'all.

The bittersweet, inevitable happened this year: we outgrew our sweet little space on 81st. Our motto was "little kitchen, big feelings", & it couldn't have been more true: our kitchen was "petite", & the heart we put into our food? It was big.

We grew from ice cream to ice cream plus hot dogs to being a tiny but mighty cafe with not quite enough seats & not quite enough space in our kitchen for the bodies we needed to keep things running. Our little blue fridge wasn't big enough for the pickles, ferments, shrubs, & hot sauces we kept selling out of. Our small smoker couldn't keep up with the pulled pork & brisket we needed. Our prep fridge needed to be replaced with something a little more spacious . . . twice. & our vision for what we wanted to do?

That grew, too.

Our last day of service will be October 13, 2019. 

Our next (ad)venture, White Rabbit, will have us collaborating more closely with Hungry Heart Bakery (they've been growing, too!), & while it won't be Heartbreaker 2.0, we're excited to create something both new & familiar for y'all. We're not ready to spill all the details yet, but we can promise this:

1. We're staying in Montavilla. We wouldn't dream of leaving. 

2. We won't stop making ice cream, pimento cheese, pickles, fermented goodies, or shrubs.

3. If we build booths again, they won't be miniature.

Heartbreaker Provisions will continue as a beloved side project, making all of those things we just listed in promise no.2. In addition to being integral parts of the new White Rabbit menu, they'll also be available for sale in the new space . . . in a much bigger fridge than Little Blue. 

We'd love to keep in touch on Instagram as @heartbreakerpdx for kitchen adventures, mason jar glamour shots, & musings on fermentation, & as @whiterabbitpdx for all the updates on our new space.

We're so grateful to the Montavilla neighborhood as well as friends near & far for all your support. Thank you for letting us be a part of y'alls lives. We're excited to show y'all the next chapter of ours. 


Morgan, Jax, & team Heartbreaker