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Much of our menu can be made vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free. Restrictions or allergies? Let us know when ordering! We'll do the best we can, but for those with severe allergies, please keep in mind  that we have a tiny kitchen that works with many common allergens (dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, nuts, feelings) on a daily basis. 

gluten free


* we have GF bread options for both hot dogs + sandwiches. our GF hot dog bun is dairy but not egg free; our GF bread (baked by Hungry Heart PDX!) contains small amounts of dairy & egg. 

* menu items that contain trace amounts of gluten: beer mustard, deviled eggs, deviled egg salad.

* menu items that contain significant amounts of gluten: cornbread, heartbreaker mix, all non-GF breads, Field Roast vegan franks

* we offer delicious GF beer from Glutenberg, along with some great wine + cider options.

*a couple of our ice creams contain small amounts of gluten; as flavors change often, please inquire when ordering! 

vegan / vegetarian 


* our hot dog buns & sourdough are vegan. we're happy to substitute those for any of our other breads! the potato buns we use for our happy hour sliders are vegan.

*vegan substitutions for brunch include our smoked jackfruit for pulled pork, a smoked jackfruit hash for pork hash, seasoned grilled tofu or avocado in place of eggs, & seasoned grilled tofu in place of bacon elements. we're working on a house tempeh bacon! :)

* vegan options for hot dogs or sandwiches include Field Roast vegan franks, our own smoked carrot dog (shockingly delicious!), mock tuna salad, smoked pulled jackfruit, & grilled tofu.

*we make our vegan cheese in-house. our "smoked cheddar" is soy-based & nut-free. vegan cheese may be substituted for other cheeses at no additional cost.

*while much of our menu can be adapted to be vegan, there are several exceptions: our buttermilk ranch dressing, anything with pimento cheese, deviled eggs + deviled egg salad.

*rarely, one of our pickle recipes will use honey as a brine ingredient; please let us know if you'd like to avoid any pickles that have trace amounts of honey.



* EGG: our ice creams do not use egg unless there's a cookie-type mix-in. items containing egg include (but are not exclusively): mayo, buttermilk ranch, pimento cheese, deviled eggs + deviled egg salad, our GF buns + GF sandwich bread. As with any allergy, please let us know before ordering.

* NUTS: occasionally, our ice creams contain nuts. Please make any nut allergies known before sampling or ordering! Heartbreaker snack mix does *not* contain nuts, but does contain sesame. 

*Because it bears repeating: we have a tiny kitchen, & we do our very best to avoid any possible cross contamination, but if you have a severe allergy, please communicate that clearly & use your best judgement about your ordering choices. <3

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