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small batch. made here, with love (& sometimes vegetables).



Our flavors are inspired by Morgan's southern upbringing, Jax's Mexican heritage, seasonal PNW deliciousness, & whatever baked goods we can talk Hungry Heart into handing over. We strive to always offer 3-4 vegan options alongside the rest of our line-up.

scoop / double *  4/7

mini scoop / double * 3/5

hand-packed pint 8

fresh waffle cone 1

floats 7

(mexican coke, creamsicle,

caldera root beer, jarritos pineapple*)

adults only

ice cream + stout 8

sorbet + bubbly 7

*awesome with any of our vegan coconut-forward ice creams! xoxo.


This list was last updated 26 October. We do our best to keep it current, but as our flavor list changes frequently (& we're usually in the kitchen instead of in front of a computer), we can't guarantee that all of these are available at the moment. 

vanilla bean​

heartbreaker chocolate


black velvet 

ginger fig swirl

creamy passionfruit + lime

strawberry balsamic

pumpkin spice

plum cardamom

cookie jar

salted butterscotch

miso caramel

the holy goat

first we take manhattan (21+)

pistachio (v)

chocolate hazelnut (v)

marionberry + orange sorbet (v)

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