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Heartbreaker Provisions are made in our kitchen, for yours.

Heartbreaker Neighborhood Kitchen is closing, but you love our pickles, ferments, shrubs, preserves, pimento cheese, or ice cream? You don't have to miss them, because we're not going to stop making them.

Two of the things we've loved most about Heartbreaker are all the behind-the-scenes work (pounds & pounds of seasonal produce, more & more mason jar airlocks, weeks & weeks of patience) we do to create the elements that made our food special , & just as important, the ways we got to connect with folks around that work. We want to continue both of those things, which is why we're launching our CSP: community supported (& supportive!) provisions.

We have three options:

1. Heartbreaker Provisions [order / pickup]


Choose what you want from our menu-- pickles, ferments, shrubs, hot sauce, pimento cheese, ice cream, & more-- for weekly pickups on Saturdays, 1-5 pm. Snacks, ice cream by the scoop, & beer + wine available for purchase during this time if you'd like to stay & get social! Place your order by 10am on Fridays for confirmed pickup, but feel free to add additional items on Saturday, or just stop by to say hi & snag what your pantry's missing! 


2. Heartbreaker at Home [monthly subscription]

Monthly pickup of one each of the following:

- pickles, pt 

- kraut or vegetable ferment, 1/2 pt

- fermented hot sauce, 4oz 

- shrub, 10.5 oz bottle 

- pimento cheese, half pt*

- preserves [jam, chutney, relish], half pt

- ice cream, pt 


*vegan/dairy free/into dairy but not into pimento cheese even though that makes no sense to us? you can substitute your pimento cheese for an additional jar of pickles or pint of ice cream.

month to month $40 // 6 month subscription $220 [$37 monthly] // 1 year subscription $420 [$35 monthly]


3. Just Ice Cream [monthly subscription]


We get it. You love our ice cream. Did you know our ice cream loves you too? Give it a home in your freezer on a regular basis, & scoop up a discount while you're at it.


Choose from 2, 4, or 6 pints a month. Pickup available at Heartbreaker on Saturdays from 1-5pm or from current selection at Hungry Heart PDX during operating hours. 

2 pints monthly $15 // 4 pints monthly $28 // 6 pints monthly $38

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