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How is summer almost over? This year is flying, but I'm not mad, because I'm able to get my hands on lots of really beautiful fruits, veggies, & herbs. Spring produce was a blast (& made for some great elements that I'm excited to add to the summer menus . . . think garlic scape pesto, green garlic hot sauce, pickled green strawberries, rhubarb jam . . .), but nothing beats summer for produce. 

Menu selections are slightly more limited right now, to allow quality & attention to detail to remain consistent. I look forward to bringing back more selections when I have a larger team. If you don't have strong preferences around your menu items, or have flexibility on which items you want on which days, I'm happy to help make those selections (& honestly, it helps me out, too!).

All menu items can be adapted to suit the dietary needs of your crew (vegetarian, vegan, GF, dairy-free, etc).


On vegetarian/vegan substitutions: I like tofu, & sometimes it’s the right fit, but I don’t believe in it as a default. I use a variety of other veg-friendly proteins, including seitan-based fried chicken, pork cutlets, & more; if you’re curious about the vegetarian option for any particular entree, feel free to ask.

A seasonally relevant note on coffee service: I also offer cold brew! I've noticed that hot coffee consumption at shoots has declined somewhat over the summer, especially with the heatwave. If you'd prefer to do cold brew instead of-- or in addition to-- hot, just let me know.


all morning menu items [except boxes] come with a little something extra: a baked treat, minted fruit salad, or a greek yogurt parfait with housemade preserves & granola.


The Sunshine Bowl - organic confetti quinoa, tender farm greens, roasted sweet peppers & fennel, housemade herby sausage, six minute farm egg, sunshine sauce [a savory, bright greek yogurt sauce with turmeric, ginger, lemon, & tahini-- cheerful & delicious!].

The Tigerlily Bowl - organic pearled barley, tender farm greens, house cured & cherrywood smoked bacon, roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes, shaved aged parmesan, six minute farm egg, chili crisp. 

The Peachtree Bowl - organic farro, tender farm greens, housemade chicken sausage, roasted root vegetables, fresh herbs, six minute farm egg, clementine peach hot sauce.

The Essex Box

Pretzel roll, sliced & toasted. Whipped cream cheese & seasonal preserves. Candied thick-cut bacon. Jammy egg over greens with dukkah seasoning. Savory spiced marcona almonds. Minted fruit salad.

The Delancy Box

Pretzel roll, sliced & toasted. Whipped cream cheese, sliced tomato & red onion, capers, gravlax &/or shaved marinated vegetables. Jammy egg over greens with chimichurri. Cinnamon sugar marcona almonds. Minted fruit salad.

The Highbrow/Lowbrow

Buttermilk biscuit breakfast sandwich with house cured & smoked bacon, farm egg, preserves, sharp white cheddar, greens. Duck fat hashbrowns & roasted peach ketchup. 

The Blue Highway

Griddled herb tortilla, house cured & smoked bacon, roasted tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella, fluffy scrambled eggs. fermented hot sauce on the side.

The Scenic Route

griddled tortilla, 12 hour smoked pork, Rancho Gordo beans, crispy potatoes, roasted peppers + sweet onions, fluffy scrambled eggs, queso fresco. house salsa & fermented hot sauce on the side.

The Biscuit Queen [no GF or vegan direct substitutions available for this item; I'm happy to make a separate meal for any GF or vegan folks, but my biscuit recipe is set in stone.]

Buttermilk biscuits, wildly good smoked pork or roasted poblano gravy, seared garlic scapes & fresh herbs, baby kale, six minute farm egg.


all afternoon + evening menu items are accompanied by a small sweet treat.

The Summer Moon Salad

 Tender farm greens, burrata, salumi or French lentils, slow-roasted heirloom tomatoes, garlic scape pesto, herbs. Shallot vinaigrette, ciabatta, nasturtium caper butter.

The Midsummer Salad

Tender farm greens, marinated mozzarella pearls, seasonal farmer’s market vegetables, roast chicken, hazelnut romesco. Meyer lemon vinaigrette, ciabatta, nasturtium caper butter.

The Ocean Bowl

Seasoned black rice, ahi poke or crispy tofu, crispy sweet potato rounds, marinated cucumber + edamame salad, spicy yuzu-pickled red onions. Sesame & black garlic sauce.

The Mountain Bowl

Chilled soba noodles, sesame cashew sauce, grilled pork tenderloin [can substitute chicken here if you're picking a number of other meals with pork as a protein!], pickled pepper + napa cabbage slaw, marinated cucumbers, seared scallions. 

The Forest Plate

Seared pork tenderloin, roasted baby red potato salad, green salad with shaved fennel & pickled red onions. Accompanied by house mustard + pickle assortment. 

The Mesa Plate

12 hour smoked pork or adobo jackfruit, queso fresco, salsa + guacamole, warm corn tortillas. Served with chips, cumin + clementine slaw, tomatillo pickles, & "elote" salad.

The Park Picnic [sandwich + salad]

Seared chicken thigh, brie, arugula, house preserves [fig, concord grape, & rosemary], & black garlic aioli on ciabatta. Balsamic & herb beet salad.

The Carolina Reuben [sandwich + salad]

Slow-smoked pork, house kraut, caramelized onions, swiss, & comeback sauce on ciabatta. House pickles. Fennel & radicchio slaw.

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